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WC Executive Council Members

1st Appellate District 2014-2017
Martin Leibowitz -346381
Paul M. Anderson – 714161  

2nd Appellate District 2015-2018
Albert Garcia
Mike Winer

3rd Appellate District 2014-2017
Robert J. Strunin
Richard Chait  

4th Appellate District 2016 -2019
Richard Berman
Keith Pallo

5th Appellate District 2016-2019
Joanne Prescott
Geoff Bichler

At Large  2014-2017
Jeff Appel  
Philip Augustine
Karen J.  Cullen  
Timothy Dunbrack  
Lizzette M. Francisco  
Leopoldo Garcia  
Jeffrey I. Jacobs  
Alan D. Kalinoski
Paolo Longo
Richard J. Manno
Sean P. McCormack
Ricardo Morales  
William Rogner
Michael Rudolph
Christopher J. Smith  
Brian Sutter  
Richard Thompson  
Mark Touby  
Dawn R. Traverso  
Glen Wieland


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