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2013.05.05 17:11:45
Dave Langham

On Friday, May 3, 2013, Governor Rick Scott focused his attention on the Office of Judges of Compensation Claims. We are fortunate that this business received attention in the midst of the legislative session. This is a busy time of year in Tallahassee. Many think that the end of the legislative session signals a calmer time. However, the end of the session actually signals a very busy time for the Governor. For the next few months, he will be presented the various bills that passed, and he will have decisions regarding veto to consider. He will also have the same responsibility regarding line items in the $74.5 billion state budget (the biggest budget in state history) which passed Friday.

Amidst all of this, the Governor announced the appointment of Wilbur Anderson and the reappointment of Judge Laura Roesch, Judge Marjorie Renee Hill, and Judge Donna Remsnyder as Workers Compensation Claims Judges.

Judge Anderson, of Daytona Beach Shores, has served as a mediator in the Office of the Judges of Compensation Claims in Daytona since 2011. From 2010-2011, Anderson served as an attorney in the Workers’ Compensation Unit of the First District Court of Appeal. From 2008-2010, he served as an arbitrator for the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation. From 2005-2007, he practiced with Eraclides, Johns, Hall, Gelman, Johannessen, and Goodman, LLP. From 1988-2003, Anderson was a Judge of Compensation Claims in Jacksonville. Anderson received his bachelor’s degree from Florida State University and his law degree from George Washington University. Governor Rick Scott said, “Wilbur Anderson’s varied experience as both a judge and a mediator in worker’s compensation claims courts makes him a great candidate for this. I’m sure that he will serve Floridians with respect, honor, and fairness.”

Judge Roesch, of Panama City Beach, was appointed a Judge of Compensation Claims since in 2001 and has been reappointed since. She earned her bachelor’s degree from Radford University and her law degree from Indiana University. Governor Scott said, “Judge Roesch has served the citizens of Florida well since 2001. I look forward to her continued dedicated service on the compensation claims bench.” Judge Roesch manages the Panama City Beach District Office, and hears cases in one of the largest geographic districts in Florida. In addition to her district, she hears cases in Monroe (the Florida Keys) County and Broward (Ft. Lauderdale) County.

Judge Hill, of High Springs, has been a Judge of Compensation Claims since 2009. She received her bachelor’s and law degrees from Florida State University. Governor Scott said, “Judge Hill will continue to be a fair and honorable compensation claims judge, she understands how to serve the families of this state with respect and fairness.” Judge Hill manages the Gainesville District Office. Despite being in a busy District, Judge Hill also hears cases in Dade (Miami) County.

Judge Remsnyder, of Fellsmere, was appointed a Judge of Compensation Claims in 1993. Remsnyder received her bachelor’s degree from Florida State University and her law degree from Stetson College of Law. Governor Scott said, “During Judge Remsnyder’s 20 years of service to Florida she has proven to be a widely respected compensation claims judge. I am confident that she will continue to serve with diligence, fairness, and respect.” Judge Remsnyder manages the Melbourne District Office. Despite being in a busy District, Judge Remsnyder also hears cases in Dade (Miami) County.

It is encouraging to have the reappointments of these judges behind us. The OJCC will turn its attention to the next Nominating Commission meeting on August 19, 2013 at the annual Workers’ Compensation Institute Educational Conference in Orlando.  More on that in later posts.



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